10/11/2003 A fast, configurable installer for openafs servers and clients.

This software is in a pre-alpha stage. The command line interface is about 50% completed. The GUI interface has not been written. I wrote the software two years ago under Redhat Linux 6.2, using the version of openafs that was in existence at the time. I have not done work on the project recently.

Afsinstaller is written in C. I have not decided what to write the GUI in. Suggestions are welcome.

Project Plan

  1. Issue a software license.
  2. Put together the development area on Sourceforge
  3. Upload the software
  4. Update existing afsinstaller code for Redhat 7.x, 8.x, 9.x.
  5. Continue work on the command line interface
  6. GUI Interface
  7. Port to Unix

Contributions will be welcome.

Michael Martinez